This image was cut from a leaflet for ‘Savage Beauty’, an exhibition of the work of Alexander McQueen, V&A, 2015.

Duck feather dress by Alexander McQueen from The Horn of Plenty, A/W 2009-10 © Model: Magdalena Frackowiak represented by dna model management New York, Image: firstVIEW

You can see the whole piece here .

Toby by Harry Vernon

I have taken the liberty of calling this dog ‘Toby’, as opposed to ‘Punch and Judy puppet’, since this is the name usually given.

Toby was made by Harry Vernon (c1920-30), and is now owned by Peter Blake. He was part of a marvelous Barbican exhibition, entitled ‘Magnificent Obsessions’ (2015), which showed stuff collected by artists.

The square was cut from an exhibition leaflet, and the photograph was taken by Justin Piperger.

You can see the whole piece here