Ethel Bartlett by Laura Knight

Portrait of Ethel Bartlett (1896 – 1978), pianist. Born in London in 1896. Atkinson Art Gallery Collection.

Painted by Laura Knight (1877 – 1970), who has a blue plaque on her house in St. John’s Wood. In 1936 she became the third woman elected to the Royal Academy. In 1945 she asked to be sent to record The Nuremberg Trials.

The square is cut from a leaflet (*see below) for the exhibition ‘Laura Knight: A Life In Portraits’, National Portrait Gallery, 2013. Brian Sewell said, “This shoddy little show is a disgrace”.

This is the twelfth patch of my ‘London Exhibition Patchwork’. It is a patchwork made from leaflets of exhibitions I have visited in London. There are sixteen squares in total.

You can see the whole piece here and in my shop, or you can follow my progress on Instagram, if you are so inclined.

*The ‘love you’ bit was added by me.

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