Paul Weller and Martyn Goddard


“People say that if you’re still angry at 52, you’re not an angry young man, just a grumpy old git. But why should I get to a certain age and go, yeah that’s OK? Why do I have to accept everything? If you don’t want it, say so and if you want to kick against it, you should do that as well, whatever age you are.” From an interview with Miranda Sawyer, The Guardian, 2010.

The second square on my London Faces Patchwork is Paul Weller (born 1958), who would never wear a tracksuit as daywear. I doubt he even wears one for sporting activities. It is a patchwork of papers gleaned from the pavements of the city in which I live. There are twenty-five squares making up the whole piece. You can see it here.

Paul Weller was not seduced by a CBE.

If a gun was held to my head, I would choose ‘In The City‘ as my favourite album.

I cut the square from a leaflet for the exhibition ‘About The Young Idea’, Somerset House, June-August 2015. It was thoroughly enjoyable. The photograph was taken by Martyn Goddard. With Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler, below.


3 thoughts on “Paul Weller and Martyn Goddard

  1. I was born in 1958 and I had to think about whether I’d wear a tracksuit as daywear, and I’d have to say no, unless I am going to the gym, which I do, in the daytime. Oh dear. I’m also intrigued by the grumpy old man idea, I think it’s true, why stop kicking against things you don’t like, but on the other hand, it’s tiring and I’d rather just walk away and give things I do like a great big hug. Well, that’s my take from 1958. I realize I am talking to a blanket and now I need to think about that. Oh dear.

    Love this project!

    • I don’t know whether you know Paul Weller, but he is a very sharp dresser. I was reading an interview from years ago when he was talking about people wearing tracksuits as daywear. Struck me as funny.
      His other comment was in reference to people protesting – “It’s really sad when you see a million people on the streets demonstrating against war – well-meaning families, proper people, not mad anarchists – but it’s like, look it’s a nice idea but we’ve made our plans anyway”

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