June 2014 16


I was trying to find relevant stuff to fill in the gaps on my June napkin, and I came across this. Relevant, of course, because of the Tour De France being in Yorkshire. It was taken from a cycling magazine leaflet (see below), which fell from Mr. S’s Guardian.

I’m really sorry to say that I don’t know who did the illustration. I like the way the inside leg is not tanned, nor under the arm.

I dedicate it to Vincent Harding, keen (understatement) cyclist and all round decent bloke and good egg. Vincent was one of the first people who followed me on Twitter, back when I first started interfering with social media. Anyway, despite Vincent following me because he thought I was a cycling fanatic (my name was Upcyclist at the time), he was, and continues to be, very supportive. Thanks, Vincent.

You can see the whole piece here.


11 thoughts on “June 2014 16

  1. Fab stuff. How did I miss this?
    Did you ever get the bag of bits I left for you? I have some more…

    • Thanks Isobel.
      I am sorry to say that I did not, please do not drop any more until I locate this one.
      It is so kind of you, and I feel very bad that the communication system in my place of work is zilch.
      Was it a man or woman you gave it to?

      • Oh dear. A woman, at the information desk. The bag ahs both ouir names on it. I thought she put it in a cupboard behind her.

      • There is still no trace of the bag. It’s hilarious really. I said it might be in the cupboard, but nobody could find the key. Will let you know when I track it down 🙂

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