Elizabeth 1


“Though the sex to which I belong is considered weak, you will nevertheless find me a rock that bends to no wind”.

This is the thirteenth square of my London Faces Patchwork. It is a patchwork of papers gleaned from the pavements of the city in which I live. There are twenty-five squares making up the whole piece. You can see it here.

Elizabeth 1, born in Greenwich, 1533, died in Richmond, 1603. Reigned, 1558-1603.

When she was young, her father had her mother executed. Elizabeth was imprisoned in The Tower.

There is a statue of Elizabeth in St. Dunstan’s Churchyard. It is thought to be the only statue carved in her lifetime, although the date (1586) is barely legible. It has stood in this spot for over 170 years.

It once stood at the bottom of Ludgate Hill, not far away from its present site.  After The Great Fire in 1666, it is said to have been moved to the basement of a nearby pub, where it was forgotten about. It was rediscovered when the pub was demolished in 1839.

St. Dunstan’s is on Fleet Street. The same street where my 11th square, David Bailey, worked at the age of 15. The churchyard, where in 1605 you could buy copies of Hamlet by Shakespeare, subject of my 9th square. Also, Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of my previous square, regularly used to drink at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, on Fleet Street. The alleyways in that area are said to be the inspiration for ‘The Adventure Of The Red-Headed League’.

The square is cut from a leaflet for the exhibition Elizabeth 1 & Her People, National Portrait Gallery, October 2013/January 2014. ‘Ermine’ Portrait attributed to Nicholas Hilliard, 1585. Copyright, Marquess of Salisbury, Hatfield House.


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