June 2014 3


Full diary for June 2014 here.

June 7th: Cataclysmic   4.5 billion years ago, the Moon was formed by a cataclysmic collision. Scientists have just found evidence.

June 8th: I intend to do the word ‘brunch’, but haven’t sewn it yet.

June 9th:  Crap Monday   Rik Mayall died today, he was only 56. A few years back he came off a quad bike, it was a pretty nasty accident. He said it happened the day before Good Friday. Crap Thursday. I was fifteen when The Young Ones came out, and loved it, along with every other teenager. Parents thought it was a load of rubbish, which made us like it even more. I saw Rik doing stand-up at Newcastle City Hall in the early/mid Eighties, Ben Elton (then unknown) did the warm-up. I laughed so much it hurt.

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