May 2014 2


You can see the whole piece, here.

Mute  4th May

Powerful word isn’t it? I was reading a leftover Evening Standard, during my lunch hour at work. Julian Schnabel was being interviewed by Tom Teodorczuk.  Schnabel said, he liked The Happy Mondays, “and with Bez they took him into the band (though) he doesn’t sing. He’s mute. Paintings are mute”.

I pondered this thought for days. I’m still pondering.

Schnabel is having his first London show for fifteen years. I haven’t seen it yet, but will, I love his work.

Strike  5th May

We were expecting a tube strike today, but it was called off.

9 thoughts on “May 2014 2

    • I forgot all about it, and then got in a panic when I was looking at my May words, thinking that I’d missed it. It doesn’t finish until July, so plenty of time.

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